Nara National Museum

Nara National Museum is in Nara Park, adjacent to Todai-ji Temple, Kofuku-ji Temple, Kasuga Taisha Shrine. And it is domestic first-rate Buddhist art Museum displaying a lot of national treasures and important cultural properties.
Focusing on Buddhist art, the noted articles of sculpture, pictures, and the craft are collected, a lot of precious cultural assets which are indispensable to a study and appreciation of the Buddhist art are exhibited.

It consists of a main building and an east-and-west new building, the main building is a modern European-style building, which is designated as the important cultural property, built by Meiji Era. There is also a special exhibition in spring and autumn, and the Shosoin exhibition is opened in autumn. The fine-arts data research center of the annex was built in 1895, and it is designated as national specification important tangible cultural properties.

The east new building is used as for the hall of a special exhibition, the Shosoin (a treasure storehouse in the ‘Todai-ji’ temple) exhibition, and a small-scale exhibition, and in the west new building, the handwriting, the handicraft, the archaeological article are exhibited. At the books corner of the first floor, there are books of 300 volumes, such as fine-arts complete works, and there is a Japanese garden, a tearoom, etc.

The underground corridor of the Nara National Museum is a space which can be studied in more detail about Buddhist art with the replica of Buddha statue and the description photograph panel, etc. Moreover, the original goods of Nara National Museum are obtained in the popular “Museum Shop”.

In addition, on the first floor of the west new building, the computer terminal which introduces high definition pictures of the national treasure possessed by this museums, and the information about cultural assets is offered.


Name:Nara National Museum
Address:Nara National Museum 50 Noborioji-cho Nara city 630-8213 Japan
Access:Kintetsu Nara-sen Line “Kintetsu Nara-eki Station” (15 minutes walk)
Price:520 yen (Adult)
260 yen (College Students)
Free (High School and Below)
Official site:

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