Neo Park Okinawa, Okinawa

Neo park OKINAWA in Nago of a main island northern part. This is a popular natural animals-and-plants park, which is proud of a vast site, and the contact with the animals.
The Neo Park Okinawa opened in 1987 is a natural animal park utilized subtropical climate and the Nature in northern Okinawa Island. In the cage put on the very large site of 22 hectares, it is roughly classified into three zones in Africa, Central America, and Oceania, and is exhibiting the animals and plants of every place to each.

It is the feature that it can come into contact with the animals and plants of every corner of the earth, taking a walk around inside the garden and about one kilometer course. Otherwise, facilities, such as a guide train, an international kind preservation research center, a communication open space, are substantial. It is the popular spot that can enjoy the wide generation.

It is exciting that the entrance such as the cave. Shortly after coming in, big ponds and many birds will spread at hand. It is said that this is the place made considering the lake in Kenya as a model. Various kinds of birds are collected and it is considerably impressive. Since a bird comes in front of you, it is dynamic.

In communication open space, there is not only a guinea pig, or a rabbit and a dog but a slightly big animal like llama, capybara, and alpaca, and it can be enjoyed. Separately from an admission fee, 300 yen per person are required for aged 4 years old or over.
A photograph can be taken by riding on the shell of a giant tortoise. It is OK even if an adult rides.

You can see the figure of the animal which cannot be seen usually can be caught and it becomes a very good experience.


Name:Neo Park Okinawa
Address:#4607-41.NAGO.OKINAWA 905-0012.JAPAN
Access:By Highway express bus
 Naha Airport(Highway Bus stop) (approx.110 minutes)→Nago Bus Terminal
 then Taxi approx.5 minutes)
Price:660 yen (Adult)
330 yen (High school students and Junior high school students)
220 yen (over 4 years old - Elementary school students)
Free (Under 3 years old)
Official site:

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