Niigata Festival, Niigata

The Niigata Festival is said to have begun the “Sumiyoshi ” which will invite the object of worship to Tsumoto-jinja Shrine from Sumiyoshi-jinja Shrine of Osaka inprocession 1726. After that, the four festivals which had been held in the area in 1955 were integrated and it seems that it became the form of the current Niigata Festival.
The Niigata Festival will be held for three days in the center of Niigata City. There are a variety of events in three days, you can enjoy it without breaks.

On the first day, Japan’s largest “Great Minyo-nagashi dance events” will be held from 19 o’clock. About 14,000 performers dance around the Bandai bridge, which is the symbol of Niigata. Each one dances in a matching Yukata and dances. There are circles of dancing around the downtown area, tourists can jump in.

On the second day, traditional “Sumiyoshi procession” is held. The performers wear old-fashioned costumes and walk around the city with a row of length of 1 kilometer. This event is said to convey the festival tradition to the viewer. Following “Sumiyoshi procession”, “Bandai Taiko Drum”, “Inasena-Mikoshi”, “Children’s Mikoshi” etc. are going to be continued.

A water parade by about 40 vessels colored full of fleets. By placing a mikoshi and crossing from the right bank of the Shinano River to the left bank, it symbolizes “Water City of Niigata”.

Fireworks display of the Niigata Festival finale. It is an extremely popular event that many people visit every year. There are also paid seats. If you want to see it comfortably, it is suggested you reserve a fee seat in advance.


Name:Niigata Festival
Address:Bandai Niigata Chuo-ku, Niigata 950-0088 Japan
Access:JR Joetsu-Shinkansen “Niigata-eki Station” (15 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 25-290-4411 (Niigata Festival Executive Committee)
Official site:

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