Nijo-jo Castle, Kyoto

Nijo-jo Castle is plains castles in the Kyoto central part which Ieyasu Tokugawa built at the Edo period. Of the course of history, Nijo-jo Castle became symbolically place which shows beginning and the end of the Edo period historically.
Ieyasu opted for construction of Nijo-jo Castle as lodgings at the time of going up to Kyoto, and made it complete in 1603.
The 15th generation Yoshinobu Tokugawa who became the last general summoned senior vassals at the great hall in the Ninomaru palace of the Nijo-jo Castle and made an inquiry about Taisei Hokan (the restoration of government to the crown) at the end of Edo Period.
It registered with world heritage in 1994.

The Ninomaru palace of Nijo-jo Castle is a building used at the time of the foundation by Ieyasu Tokugawa as Honmaru palace (centre of a castle). The Ninomaru palace, which is the samurai and shoin-zukuri style (traditional style of Japanese residential architecture), conveys Momoyama Culture at the time well.
The Kano School screen and wall paintings is drawn on The Ninomaru palace. The screen, which stuck gold leaf of the gold-and-jasper wall painting drawn with skillful rock paints etc., is loaded with the highest work of those days.

The whole Nijo-jo Castle is protected by an outside moat. In Nijo-jo Castle, there is the gate in the west, the south, the north side one by one each other than the Higashi Ote-mon Gate. The Goten is surrounded by an earthen wall, with Kara-mon Gate on its south side.

Present Honmaru Palace, which reconstructed old Prince Katsura’s residence located in Kyoto Old Palace in Meiji 27, was designated as the important cultural property.

Moreover, the whole castle is specified as country historic relics, the Ninomaru garden is designated as for the important cultural property, the 1016 of screen and wall painting which has Ninomaru palace is specified as a national treasure and Ninomaru palace is specially specified as the scenic spot.


Name:Nijo-jo Castle
Address:Nijojocho 541 Kyoto Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8301 Japan
Access:Kyoto Municipal Subway Tozai-sen line “Nijojo-mae-eki” Station (3 minutes walk)
Price:600 yen (Adult)
350 yen (Junior highschool, highschool)
200 yen (Primary school)
Official site:

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