Nishiki Ichiba Market, Kyoto

As it is said, “In Osaka, they spend all their money on food.” In the Kansai region there is an image called “Osaka with food.” It seems that the image of Kyoto is mainly the shrine and temples as well. In Kyoto, you can feel the good old Japan in its space with the building full of taste. However, even in Kyoto, a food market that fulfills the desire to “eat something delicious” is located in the center of the city.

The history of Nishiki Ichiba Market dates back 400 years ago. From Kyoto citizens, it is called and loved by the nickname of “Nishiki”. It was once crowded with the local citizen as “a kitchen of a capital.” Now, it is being crowded as a famous place with the vigor which a tourist visits with Shinkyogoku Market and Teramachikyogoku Market.

Unlike supermarkets and department stores, citizens are pleased with the quality of the fresh seasonal ingredients and a wide selection of items. This place is closest to civic life is the biggest feature.

The title of wholesale dealer of fishes was allowed by the government at the Edo period, and Nishiki Ichiba Market prospered as a fish market. Nishiki Ichiba Market is crowded with 126 shops in a 390 meters long shopping street. There are places of 3.3 meters in width in shopping districts, and when many people rush on holiday, it may be unable to progress easily.

Such Nishiki Ichiba Market has come to visit not only local people, but also many foreign visitors recently. In addition to fresh Kyoto vegetables, traditional Kyoto pickles, Yuba (bean-curd skin), Tofu (soy bean curd), tea, etc., many items such as Kyogashi (Kyoto confectionery) etc. are sold in the Nishiki Ichiba market. Please drop by when you come to sightseeing in Kyoto.


Name:Nishiki Ichiba Market
Address:Nishiuoyacho Kyoto Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8142 Japan
Access:Hankyu Dentetsu Kyoto-sen Line “Karasuma-eki Station” (3 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 75-211-3882 (Nishiki Ichiba Market Shopping District Promotion Association)
Official site:

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