Nobel Prize Kaido (Road), Toyama

The national Road No.41 is the main road which links Toyama-city and Nagoya-city. And it is called “The Yellowtail Road” because it was the way which carries a yellowtail from Toyama Bay to Nagano and Gifu prefecture for a long time and it supports a local living now.


This road is also called “Nobel Prize Road”, because along only approximately 90km of this road are areas associated with five Nobel Prize winners of Japan.


It’s no exaggeration to say that a world brain is right brought up here.


Without only with Nobel Prize connection, other tourist attractions exist a lot in around there like the “Gero Onsen” counted in one of famous three Japanese springs in Japan, the “Hida Takayama” famous for “Sarubobo”, and you can enjoy the colored leaves in the Sugo Pass. And if you go a little farther you can see Shirakawago, which is famous as a World Heritage site.



Name:Nobel Prize Kaido (Road)
Adresse:Shinsogawa 1-7 Toyama-city, Toyama 930-0006 Japan
Tel:(+81)76-444-4116 (Toyama Tourism Office)
Official site:

日本, 〒930-8501 富山市新総曲輪1-7

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