Nogeyama Zoo, Kanagawa

“Nogeyama Zoo” is a zoo with an area of ​​3.3 hectares, located in Nogeyama Park, Nishi Ward, Yokohama. The charm of Nogeyama Zoo is not only that the charge is free. Not only that, it is also attractive that the quality of the zoo is high and there are plenty to see though it is free. More than 100 kinds of animals, including popular animals such as lesser pandas and lions, giraffes and bears, and more than 1000 animals are raised.

It is the greatest charm of this zoo that you can watch the animals nearby. Under the concept of “’Zoo where everyone will feel free to visit, relax, heal’ and ‘a small child encounters an animal for the first time, interacts with it, a zoo that feels life’”, it is a zoo where from small children to adults can enjoy.

More than 100 kinds of animals are displayed together for mammals, reptiles and fish. There are spectacular animals such as lions, Amur tigers, penguins, zebras and giraffes. In addition, you can enjoy “Fureai Hiroba” (contact opening plaza) where you can interact with guinea pigs and chicks, and specialty of Nogeyama Zoo “Unrestrained Peacock”.

The small popularity of Nogeyama zoo is “Lesser panda”. Kinta and Kenken of lesser panda come from China, Kiku from Hiroshima. It seems that Kinta thought that it originally was a male, but in reality it turns out to be a female. But as they got used to it, the name seems to be Kinta (normally it is used as man’s name) as it is. Lesser panda is the most popular animal in the zoo.

You can also meet guinea pigs, mice, chickens and others at the popular “Nakayoshi Square” especially for young children. The experience of touching animals which can not be usually touched can be a valuable experience for children. Also, one of the highlights of the famous Unrestrained peacock is the attraction. Nogeyama zoo is full of charm.


Name:Nogeyama Zoo
Address:Oimatsucho 63-10 Yokohama Nishi-ku, Kanagawa 220-0032 Japan
Access:Keihinkyuko-honsen “Hinodecho-eki Station” (10 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 45-231-1307
Official site:

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