Nokonoshima Island, Fukuoka

Although sightseeing in Fukuoka, you tend to focus on gourmet and shopping, but in reality, there are tourist areas where you can enjoy plenty of nature that you can go on day trip from the city. Among them, “Nokonoshima Island” is a recommended place with a nature rich with good access of about 10 minutes by ferry. There are natural scenic points in various places in the green island, also known as “a famous place of a flower”. The ease of going from Fukuoka city and the merit of this view is the most appealing charm.

“Nokonoshima” is an island about 12 kilometers around which you can go by ferry from the Noko boarding place of Meinohama Beach in Fukuoka City. The seasonal flowers and the sea are beautiful, and you can find various scenic spots in the island. There are also many spots that make you feel historical, such as “Sota Burial Mounds” which was said to have been created around the 7th century, “Shikagaki” of the deer hunting ground in the Edo period. Among them, Nokoyaki-Koyoseki (the ruins of a kiln) is the only ruins of a kiln left in Fukuoka city, and its relationship with “Aritayaki” (Arita-style ceramic art) etc. is also pointed out.

“Nokonoshima Island Park” opened in 1964 is a famous place of the flower of Fukuoka. You can enjoy flowers of different seasons such as rape flower in spring, sunflower in summer, cosmos in autumn, daffodil in winter. Cottages that can overlook Hakata bay are also provided around this flower garden, and it is possible to stay in nature as well. In addition, there are many sports facilities such as “Nokonoko Ball” like putter golf, swinging towards the ocean, athletic and so on.

It is popular here as a sea-bathing spot in the summer. On the white sand beach surrounded by palm trees in “Nokonoshima Camp Village”, you feel as though you came to a resort in the south country. In addition to sea bathing, you can also enjoy motorboats, beach volleyball, barbecues on the beach and camping in the bungalows.

Nokonoshima Island Park does not have large playground equipment such as Ferris wheel or roller coaster. This is because the founder ‘s desire, “the space that cherished the landscape of nature” was protected. The scenery like the view of the flower garden against the background of Hakata Bay is something that can never be tasted in so-called amusement parks.


Name:Nokonoshima Island
Address:Noko Fukuoka Nishi-ku, Fukuoka 819-0012 Japan
Access:(1) Fukuoka City Subway Kuko (Airport) Line Get off at Meinohama Station → Nishitetsu Bus from “Meinohama-eki Kitaguchi,” get off at “Noko dosenba” (ferry terminal)
(2) Nishitetsu Bus From “Hakataeki-mae A,” (Hakata Station), get off at “Noko dosenba” (ferry terminal)
(3) Nishitetsu Bus From “Tenjin kosoku basu taminaru-mae” (Tenjin Highway Bus Terminal), get off at “Noko dosenba” (ferry terminal)

From Meinohama Ferry Terminal to Nokonoshima Ferry Terminal by ferry (around 10 min)
After arriving at the Nokonoshima Ferry Terminal get on the Nishitetsu bus bound for Island Park (around 13 min)
Bus and ferry frequency is increased during the busiest season.
Tel:(+81) 92-881-2494 (Nokonoshima Island Park)
Price/Charge:Nokonoshima Island Park
1,200 yen (Adult)
600 yen (elementary school, junior high)
400 yen (3 years old and above)
Please refer the official web page.
Official site:Nokonoshima Island Park

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