Nozawa Onsen Hot Spring Resort, Nagano

There are about 30 sources in the village and there are 13 free public baths called “sotoyu” (an external hot spring bath) in the Nozawa Onsen Hot Spring Resort. The sources are weak alkaline, 100% natural hot spring. Depending on the bathroom, the shape and construction of the building, the layout are all different, the quality of springs and the effect also differ.

The “sotoyu” has been used every day as a place where community residents live together for a long time. In each sotoyu, residents around them manage and operate a system called “Yunakama” (hot spring circle). Moreover, “Yunakama” is carrying out daily cleaning by the burden of an electric cost or water rates, and the person-on-duty system.

“Ogama” is one of the places of scenic beauty in Nozawa Onsen Hot Spring Resort, which is one of the more than 30 sources in Nozawa Onsen and is pumping up nearly 100 degrees hot water. The name “Ogama” seems to come from what local residence once smeared hemp in this hot water reservoir and then peeled off. The spectacle of dipping Lardizabalaceae pericarp of a specialty in an iron pot from hemp is seen now.

“Ogama” is also called the kitchen of Nozawa Onsen. There, local people boil wild grass and vegetables daily, and nozawana is washed there and it is used.
It seems that it is unusual worldwide that hot springs are used in close contact with living so much.

The Nozawa Onsen ski resort is the ski resort with the largest scale and tradition in the country spreading from the summit of Mt. Kenashi to the foot of the mountain. The slopes have a variety of courses, including spacious gentle slopes, steep slopes that can confirm their abilities, and ridge tour courses. Here, you can enjoy a skiing experience that everyone can satisfy from beginners who first touches snow to advanced people.


Name:Nozawa Onsen Hot Spring Resort
Address:Toyosato 9817 Shimotakaigun Nozawaonsenmura, Nagano 389-2502 Japan
Access:JR Hokuriku-Shinkansen Line “Iiyama-eki Station” (25 minutes by bus)
Tel:(+81) 269-85-3155 (Nozawa Onsen Hot Spring Tourism Association)
Price/Charge:Please refer this web page.
Official site:

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