Oirase Keiryu (Mountain Stream in Oirase), Aomori

The crater lake “Towadako” adjacent to both Aomori Prefecture and Akita Prefecture.
The Oirase river is flowing out from the beautiful cobalt blue lake. The mountain stream of approximately 14km from the shore of Lake Towada is called Oirase Keiryu (Mountain Stream in Oirase).
The promenade is established along the mountain stream and can take a walk while being fully exposed to Negative ion.


The recommended route is from Yakeyama toward Nenokuchi of the shore of Lake Towada.
This root is a leisurely atmosphere at first, but the dynamic highlight increases proceeding in steps
A reverse route is recommended if you are not good at an ascent hill. The Oirase Keiryu does not not have much ups and downs, and is very gently-sloping. Even if you walk slowly, you can walk along 14 km in 5 hours.


The section of 2.6km from Ishigedo to Kumoi-no-taki Waterfall has much spot which is unmissable.
It is Makadoiwa of the huge rock first to happen to encounter. From around here, the quantity of water becomes abundant and the flow of the water which overlaps several times over can be seen.
Then arriving at “Ashura-no-Nagare” (Water flow of Asura) which is no exaggeration to say that the highlight of the Oirase mountain stream.


There is the rock being covered with moss everywhere around the river, and the green trees and plants cover the area. You can come across the beautiful scenery that nature created.
If you take a photograph using the slow shutter mode, the flow of the water which shines white can be caught.


The Choshi Otaki (water fall of Choshi) which is proud of brilliant amount of water in the leading waterfall of the Oirase mountain stream is a view of the highlight. As for the waterfall of drop 7 meters and 20 meters in width, which refusing the fish that went up the stream of the Oirase, is called the Uodome-no-Taki (Waterfall of stopping fish).
It is a perfect enjoying the cool breeze spot, but the autumn colored leaves are recommended, too.



Name:Oirase Keiryu (Mountain Stream in Oirase)
Address:Okuse Towada, Aomori 034-0301 Japan
Access:JR Ou-honsen Line “Aomori-eki Station” (90 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81) 176-75-2425 (Lake Towada National Park Association)
Official site:http://towadako.or.jp/towadako-oirase/

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