Okama (The crater lake of the Zao Mountain Range), Miyagi

Okama is a circle type crater lake held in three peaks of Mt. Kattadake of Zao, Mt. Kumanodake, and Mt. Goshikidake. Since it was the shape of Kama (caldron), it came to be called to as “Okama.”
In the surface of a lake, it is full of the emerald green water. The mystical atmosphere is created as contrasted with the violent crater wall.
With the Juhyo (frost-covered trees) of winter, it is a symbol of Zaou.


26 eruptions were repeated until now and, these days, it erupted in 1895.
Although the depth was 63 meters those days which was measured in 1939, it is buried by collapse of the Goshiki mountain cliff year by year, so at the time of the measurement in 1968, it was the maximum depth of 27.6 meters, the average depth of 17.8 meters, and 1,080 meters of circumferences.


The lake is the strong acidity, and the creatures cannot inhabit.
The water temperature falls to 2 degrees centigrade from appearance in depth of about a dozen meters, when depth is increased from it, It become high in temperature. This is special double water layer and is the lake which does not have an example in the world.
It is called “Goshiki-ko” (Five color lake) to change the color by hit of the sunbeam variously.
It flows out of southwest, and it becomes the Nigorigawa River and is flowing into the Pacific Ocean.

You arrive at the observation deck which can look at Okama on foot from the terminal of the Zao High Line in approximately three minutes when you come by car. The Zao mountaintop rest house which can take a break is installed to the front.


* Important
The Zaou Echo Line and the Zao High Hine are closed and it cannot observe it from the beginning of November to the end of April every year.



Name:Okama (The crater lake of the Zao Mountain Range)
Address:Togattaonsen Kattagun Zaomachi, Miyagi 989-0916 Japan
Access:JR Tohoku-honsen Line “Shiroishi-eki Station” (100 minutes by bus)
Tel:(+81) 224-33-2215 (Zaoh-cho Tourism Office)
Official site:http://www.town.zao.miyagi.jp/kankou/guide/look.html

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