Okayama-jo Castle, Okayama

This castle called an alias “Ujo” (Crow Castle), and it is characterized by the structure that attached “Shitami-ita” (wooden board siding with battens) of the black lacquer coating to the wall of the castle tower suiting Sengoku busho (military commander of the Warring States period) tastes. And the gold leaf tile has decorated the roof.
In contrast the castle called “great castle” having been built after the Battle of Sekigahara, the Okayama-jo Castle leaves the old-fashioned structure to the present age among the castles built before the battle.


It is a 3-tiered, 6-story lookout-tower-type keep and the gold leaf tiles are covered on the roof. The golden grampuses and Oni-gawara (a type of roof ornamentation) have also been on the roof dignifiedly. This black and gold shows skillful contrast, and attracts those who visit here.


The first lord of the castle was Hideie UKITA who was one of the Gotairo of TOYOTOMI (Council of Five Elders of TOYOTOMI clan), and it is said that the castle was built in 1620. It is said that Tadao IKEDA of the fourth lord of the castle to have completed construction of the castle.
The Okayama-jo castle is burned down by the air raid in the World War in 1945, but this tsukimi-yagura turret (used for monitoring a castle entrance) remains unburnt, and has left the figure at the time of foundation. It is designated as the important cultural property of Japan.


The current castle tower was rebuilt in 1966.
There are the stand and the coffee shop in the first floor of this main tower, and the history of the castle is exhibited on the second floor to the fifth floor. The highest floor serves as a view place.


From sunset to 24:00, lighting up is performed through the year.
Moreover, during the sightseeing season such as consecutive holidays from the end of April to early May and August or November in Japan, the lighting event using chochin (paper lanterns) or toro (lanterns) is performed.



Name:Okayama-jo Castle
Address:Marunouchi 2-3-1 Okayama Kita-ku, Okayama 700-0823 Japan
Access:Okayama Electric Tramway “Shiroshita-eki Station” (10 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 86-225-2096
Price:300 yen (Adult)
120 yen (Jr. High School Students or Under)
Official site:http://www.okayama-kanko.net/ujo/index.html

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