Okichan Theater, Okinawa

The Okichan Theater is the theater in the Ocean Expo Park where you can enjoy a dynamic show of dolphins.
The Ocean Expo Park is located in Motobu-cho of Kunigami-gun, Okinawa Prefecture. The “Show Pool” where the dolphins play a dynamic show against the East China Sea and Iejima Island, and the “Diver Show Pool” which can observe an underwater dolphin over glass are installed.


The big roof is set up in the theater and you can enjoy the show comfortably without worrying about sunshine and rain.
In “show pool”, dynamic high jump of bottlenose dolphin, false killer whale, white-sided dolphin, and the show such as humorous dance and chorus will be held.


The performance time for that dolphin show is about twenty minutes. First of all, it starts by introduction of bottlenose dolphin, false killer whale, white-sided dolphin and others. A cheer is rising from the auditorium to the dolphin that appealing to a spectator to make a pectoral fin from the water surface, and shake a hand, spinning up its upper body and greet you, the cute and humorous gestures.


After that, the show time full of speed continues. Dolphins gave a performance of agile and dynamic exercise ability with uptempo BGM. Swim quickly underwater at full speed, jump high on the water surface and turn back. The powerful motion of the dolphin made us catch our breath.


The most popular attraction is thr high jump. The depth of the water that was 4 meters at the time of opening became 6 meters after the renewal, so an approach swim for jumping also increased.
The 20 minutes show is fun, and it will end quickly. It will be time to part with the dolphins soon. To the expressions of the audience who satisfiedly moved the venue, one is able to see the excitement and impression on their face.



Name:Okichan Theater
Address:Ishikawa Kunigamigun Motobucho, Okinawa 905-0206 Japan
Access:Approximately 2 hours from Naha Airport
Tel:(+81) 980-48-2748 (Okinawa Ocean Expo Management Office)
Official site:http://oki-park.jp/

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