Okuoikojo Station (Train Station over the Lake), Shizuoka

Okuoikojo Station is a secret station between the “Rainbow Bridge” floating on Lake Sesso of Kawanehoncho Shizuoka Prefecture. A part of the platform has been protruding on the bridge and it is simple construction. On the home “Happy Bell” is set up, and there are places where lovers swear eternal love and padlock.


The “Okuoi Rainbow Bridge” over the dam lake was a railroad that was originally laid in order to carry the materials that make up the dam. However, in 1990 the route was partly changed at the construction of the new dam, and the station was born at the tip of the cape. Currently, almost all of the users are tourists. The route from Okuoikojo Station to the Sesso Gorge Onsen Hot Springs across the Rainbow Bridge is a hiking course for tourists.


There are no signs of people getting on and off for purposes other than sightseeing, at the station on the peninsular mountaintop that protrudes to Lake Sesso. Of course, this is an unmanned station. This neighborhood is also known for its wonderful distant view. It seems that it becomes like a strange feeling which it was left behind in a place where there was nothing on the day when haze was hurt. The bridge over the both ends of the station was named “Rainbow Bridge” because it rained a lot. There seems to be some people falling into the illusion that they have lost their way to a fairytale.


The sea level of Okuoikojo Station is 490 meters. This place is the ridge of a large meandering valley, and the station and the iron bridge have a height of 70 meters from the bottom of the lake. This station is sandwiched between two huge iron bridges in the front and back, no private houses etc in the vicinity. Oigawa Tetsudo Ikawa Line was called “Southern Alps Abt Line” and opened in 1990. As a railway adopted the Abt system, it climbed to a height of 90 meters while going 1000 meters and is running “the steepest slope in Japan”.


Here in autumn, the surrounding mountain changes to colorful all over. Beech, maple, leek, etc. color from early to late November, the beauty of the valley and the blue color of the water are enough to see.
It is a must see railway and train collaboration going into the deep valley covered by the virgin forest that people did not allow to enter.
Autumn leaves to see from the train window and autumn leaves to color around the Rainbow Bridge are recommended points.



Name:Okuoikojo Station (Train Station over the Lake)
Address:Umeji Haibaragun Kawanehoncho, Shizuoka 428-0401 Japan
Access:Oigawa Tetsudo Ikawa-sen Line “Okuoikojo-eki Station”
Tel:(+81) 547-45-4112
Price/Charge:Please refer the official web page.
Official site:http://oigawa-railway.co.jp/

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