Origami kaikan, Tokyo

The beginning of the Origami-kaikan (paper folding hall) was that the founder who was a Japanese paper craftsman established the factory of the colored paper. It is known as the place of transmission of Japanese paper culture, and origami culture.



There is the classroom of origami, Japanese paper industrial arts, Japanese paper doll, and the event for children is held in summer vacation, too.
“Yushima no Kobayashi”, the Edo Japanese paper and colored paper shop is established in 1858, and you can enjoy Japanese paper culture including origami here. You can observe the gallery of a mezzanine and dyeing place which producing a Japanese paper of the hand dyeing.



The work of classrooms such as the origami is on the first floor, and various paper work or Japanese paper are seen in the shop of third-floor. With luck, you can see Kazuo Kobayashi who is the director of this place folding origami. His work is created one after another, and the skill is just like magic.



The origami which features the infinite possibility that various form is brought by one piece of the square paper. The originality only in Japan is felt.



That is just as Director Kobayashi says, “it is to know the Japanese culture to make origami”, the origami which has the Japanese beauty and a lot of history is industrial arts with the Japanese paper.




Name:Origami kaikan
Adresse:Yushima 1-7-14 Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0034
Access:JR Chuo-honsen line "Ochanomizu eki Station” (7 minutes walk)
Price:Fee varies according to the event.
Official site:http://www.origamikaikan.co.jp

日本, 〒113-0034 東京都文京区湯島1-7-14

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