Osaka-jo Castle, Osaka

Hideyoshi Toyotomi built Osaka Castle at the Azuchi-Momoyama era. The gorgeous and forcible structure which feels Hideyoshi’s vigor is a castle of the feature. Figures of those days, such as a castle tower, a splendid stone wall, a measure form, etc. which reached to an extreme of luxury, are restored precisely. When you pass through the gate of a castle, you may fall into feeling of the time slip 400 years ago.

It was attacked by the Tokugawa group and was rebuilt in the Edo era after having fallen twice, but has been destroyed by fire by a thunderbolt again. The current castle tower was built in 1931 by the contribution from a citizen.
Then, although burned down in part by war, it was restored and has become the present figure. It is the popular spot that 1 million or more visit through the year.

The inside of a castle tower is used as a museum, and the history data about Osaka-jo Castle or Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Osaka-jo Castle of the miniature, etc. are exhibited. From the observatory of the eighth floor in the place 50-m-above ground, a whole view of the town in Osaka can be overlooked, and the prosperity which Hideyoshi tasted can be felt from it.

The Osaka-jo Castle pleasure boat is a sightseeing ship surrounding the inner moat of Osaka-jo Castle in approximately 20 minutes. The stone wall said to be the highest in Japan is just in front of you. Moreover, the castle tower seen from the water surface is gorgeous. It is the small sea voyage that can feel beauty, the solemnity of Osaka-jo Castle.

The park which is full of green to spread around Osaka-jo Castle gains popularity as an urban oasis. The western-citadel-of-the-castle garden surrounded by the important cultural property is the best highlight as the famous place of about 300 cherry trees focusing on Somei Yoshino. With plum-grove where approximately 1,270 plums bloom in profusion, it gains popularity with people.


Name:Osaka-jo Castle
Address:Osakajo 1-1 Osaka Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-0002 Japan
Access:JR Osaka-kanjo-sen Line “Osaka-jo Koen-eki” station (10 minutes walk)
Price:600 yen (Adult)
Free (15 years old and younger)
Official site:

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