Osaka Namba (Minami), Osaka

Namba (Minami) area is where Osaka-like spots are gathered, such as Osaka’s sightseeing guidebooks that surely decorates the cover with Dotonbori and famous signboards in downtown areas. In recent years, “Abenoharukas” the No.1 high-rise composite building of Japan is attracting attention as a new symbolic existence. The number of hotels has increased in the surrounding area, and many visitors from overseas visit not only in Japan.

Speaking of Osaka is also famous as “the town, they spend all their money on food.” In this area, many unique local “Osaka Gourmet” shops originated from Osaka, as well as many innumerable famous shops are dotted. There, you can experience the Osaka-like food culture.

Dotonbori, a typical downtown area in Minami, began with Doton Yasui invested personal property over 400 years ago, cutting down Minamihorigawa river and completing the canal. The Dotonbori Shopping Street, which has developed together with Dotonbori, a Kabuki boom happened in the 17th century, which has led to the development of the current Minami’s theater and entertainment. Today there are many eateries ranging from gourmet specialties in Osaka to popular topics.

In addition, a huge signboard representing Dotonbori is a very popular spot among Japanese people. In recent years, a newly reborn 6th generation “Glico Runner”, “Kuidaore TARO” etc. is a famous memorial photography spot. In addition, the river-side promenade “Dotonbori River Walk” has also opened, and it has gained popularity as a new spot.

“Dotonbori River Cruise” to visit the Dotonbori River by a pleasure boat is also recommended. Since it operates until 21 o’clock, you can see the neon around the Dotonbori River from above the ship. While watching the flashy signboard, walking on the famous Takoyaki and enjoying the deep street walks, how about you?


Name:Osaka Namba (Minami)
Dotombori 1-10 Osaka Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0071 Japan
Osaka Municipal Subway Midosuji-sen Line “Namba-eki Station” (2 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 6-6211-4542 (Dotonbori Shopping Street Association)
Official site:“Dotonbori”

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