Otaru Canal Cruise, Hokkaido

“Otaru Canal” which is popular as one of Hokkaido’s leading tourist destinations. That charm is still a beautiful scenery with good old, nostalgic rows of the buildings along the canal.
The Otaru Canal was completed in 1923. It is the waterway which played a role in marine transport in the port city “Otaru” which supported the development of Hokkaido. It is the historied place where the traditional warehouse stands in a row along a waterway. After finishing the role as a canal, a part was landfilled in 1986, the walking path and the street garden were well-developed.


On that Otaru Canal, there is the service called the “Otaru Canal Cruise”. You can cruise Otaru town over 40 minutes under the boatman guide called captain. The scene of beautiful Otaru every season can be enjoyed such as the autumnal leaves in autumn and the cherry blossoms in spring.


There are 63 gas lamps on the walking path along the canal. The canal and the stone-made warehouse are lighted up at the time of twilight. You can enjoy a different atmosphere from the daytime as well.


Although this Otaru Canal cruise can be fully enjoyed even if you participate in daytime, but if you have time, please try going to the night by all means. The view of Otaru illuminated by a faint street light in the boardwalk is very beautiful.


When it is winter, snow accumulates on the stone warehouse or sidewalk where old-fashioned appearance is left, and it seems to be northern-countries-likeness.



Name:Otaru Canal Cruise
Address:Minatomachi 5-4 Otaru, Hokkaido 047-0007 Japan
Access:JR Hakodate-honsen Line “Otaru-eki” Station (10 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 134-31-1733
Price:Day Cruises
1,500 yen (Adult:13+)
500 yen (Children)

Night Cruises
1,800 yen (Adult:13+)
500 yen (Children)
Official site:https://otaru.cc/

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