Otsuka Museum of Art, Tokushima

I bet you don’t know that there was splendid work of art like “The Judgment”, “Mona Lisa”, “Guernica” in Japan? The masterpiece which you thought “you can’t appreciate it without going to Europe!”, surprisingly enough, you can see it in Tokushima, Japan.
The name is “Otsuka Kokusai Bijutsukan” (Otsuka Museum of Art).


The “Otsuka Museum of Art” is an art museum in Naruto-shi, Tokushima. Famous Western masterpieces are stored more than 1,000 of works.


The masterpieces which everyone knows like “The Judgment” (Michelangelo), “Mona Lisa” (Leonardo da Vinci), “Guernica” (Pablo Picasso), etc. are displayed there. There are world‐famous works only.


But, in fact, the displayed works of this art museum, all are “imitations”. In addition, surprisingly the admission is the most expensive in Japan as art museum. However, this art museum is extreme popularity, so more than 220,000 people visit Tokushima to look at this many “imitation masterpieces” every year.


It is the Fine Art Masterpiece Museum which is the largest of its type in Japan and hardly no real precedent in international. It faithfully reappears on ceramic plate at actual size of western masterpieces more than 1,000 works from the ancient times to the present age. It is the facility where is most suitable as both an art educational facility and a tourist attraction.



Name:Otsuka Museum of Art
Adresse:Narutochotosadomariura 65-1 Naruto, Tokushima 772-0053 Japan
Access:JR Naruto-sen Line “Naruto-eki Station” (15 minutes by bus)
Price:3,240 yen (Adult)
2,160 yen (Student)
540 yen (Under 18 years old)
Official site:

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