Ouchi-juku, Fukushima

Ouchi-juku is post-station town lasts from the Edo era until today, and located in the middle of mountain area of south Fukushima where lined with the private houses of more than 30 roofs of thatch.


In April, 1981, it was chosen in the important traditional buildings preservation district of the country and came into the limelight nationwide. The hip-roofed buildings formed in an orderly line being set beside a road in a right angle is characteristic.



It was the post town of “a Half Farming, Half Hotel” in the Edo era, but it keeping the air of the Edo period and the town of the thatch private house is orderly and lines up along the old highway in the rural district.



Approximately 400 years or more ago, it was flourished as an post-station town along the Aizu west highway which was important as a transportation road in the Edo era.
Fantastic snow lantern festival held in February. It is the popular spot that many people visit through one year.



The charm of Ouchi-juku is to be able to perceive the Edo era. Because it is chosen in the important traditional buildings preservation district, the appearance of the town is concerned.




Adresse:Yamamoto-8, Shimogorimachi, Minamiaizu, Fukushima 969-5207
Official site:http://ouchi-juku.com/

日本, 〒969-5207 福島県南会津郡下郷町大字大内字山本8

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