Owara Kaze no Bon Festival, Toyama

“Owara Kaze no Bon” which is in a sad melody of Ecchu Owara-bushi, and continues dancing by calm movement regardless of the night and day. It is a festival to represent Toyama performed in Yatsuo area Toyama-shi, Toyama from September 1 through 3rd every year. There are also many people who would like to see the eccentric festival that there is a touch of sweet melancholy once, and tourists visit them from the whole country every year. It seems that it is also good to stay at the Toyama central part since a relief service the bus and the railway have come out till late at night even if you cannot stay at Yatsuo where the festival is performed.


Dancers pulling their Amigasa (a straw hat worn to conceal one’s face) over their eyes perform dance uniting with Kokyu (chinese fiddle) or the melody of samisen of peculiar plaintive melody of Owara-bushi, men are heroic, and woman are graceful. On the stage of atmospheric cityscape, a lyrical dance shines and is beautiful flavor.


By the rows of houses which leave the emotion of ancient times fully, such as a lattice door and a warehouse, an Ecchu Owara clause catches people’s mind and does not detach it. Several thousand bonbori (Japanese lantern covered with paper) stands in the town, and men and women dance with the sound of a samisen, kokyu, and a drum, and go the town of a hill by a uniform happi coat and dressing in yukata.


When Suwamachi hondori street, which left traditional taste, is over the time of twilight, the bonbori are lighted. Because it is crowded with a large number of people when it is night, the time of twilight is recommended. It is chosen as “the 100th elections of the way in Japan”.


There are the grace and the charmingness which are not seen easily to other festivals. Owara Kaze no Bon is a festival for adult who wants to experience at once. It is recommended to see a late-night town dance. The quiet thought that the people to a festival are deep inside is felt, and it becomes the trip which remains in the heart.



Name:Owara Kaze no Bon Festival
Address:Yatsuomachifukujima Toyama, Toyama 939-2376 Japan
Access:JR Takayama-honsen Line “Ecchu-Yatsuo-eki” station (1 minute walk)
Tel:(+81)76-454-5138 (Ecchu Yatsuo Tourism Association)
Price:Free (some sites charge for seat)
Official site:http://www.yatsuo.net/kazenobon/index.html

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