Pantu Festival, Okinawa

Among the islands in Okinawa, there are strange festivals held in the Shimajiri area in the northern part of the Miyakojima Island, where the sea is said to be beautiful in particular. It is “Pantu Festival” which is designated as an important intangible folk cultural property of the country.
Pantu who is unforgivable paints mud which gives a strange smell to the escaped people. However, while screaming, people seem to be enjoying somewhere.

The official name is “Pantu Punaha”, in the dialect of Miyako, Pantu means “demon and phantom”, Punaha means “festival of prayer for evil spirit”. Origin of this festival, the hundred and several decades ago, a mask enveloped by the livistona leaves arrived at the shore of the Shimajiri district, a young man wearing the mask applied the whole body of sacred well mud and became God, It seems to be the legend.

Time passed, God became “Shimajiri no Pantu” of evil exorcism. Pantu wears sacred mud throughout the body once a year, mercilessly paints the grateful mud to people, exorcises evil spirits, and wishes for a state of perfect health. The ceremony is “Pantu Festival” which is a traditional event handed down to Shimajiri district.

Pantu, 3 bodies in all, strong young men in the village becomes God. And they will wear the mud of the sacred spring “Nmariga” whole body and start attacking people. It is said that “Nmariga” is in a colony and the water of this well was always once used as a newborn baby’s first bath at the time of childbirth.

Pantu’s muddy target not only people and homes, but also cars are bathed in mud baptism. Rent-a-car is not an exception, it gets sticky and stinky mud. There is no forgiveness just because it is a tourist. But that is the real pleasure of the festival and it is the benefit of “Exorcism”. If you are going to participate in the Pantu Festival, prepare to be muddy and take measures against clothes and cameras.


Name:Pantu Festival
Address:Hirarashimajiri Miyakojima, Okinawa 906-0003 Japan
Access:25 minutes from Miyako Airport by car.
Tel:(+81) 980-73-1881 (Miyakojima Island Tourism Association)
Official site:

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