Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo

“Rainbow Bridge” which can be said as a symbol of Tokyo is a beautiful suspension bridge constructed in the seaside area. The height from the sea surface is 52.4 meters, and the suspension bridge portion extends to 798 meters. It is commonly known that bridges can pass by car and Yurikamome (an automatic transportation system), but in fact there is also a promenade (Rainbow Promenade) and it is possible to walk for free. In addition to tourists, there are many people who are running and it is also known as a spot where night view is beautiful.


The length of the promenade is about 1.7 kilometers, and you can walk for about 20 to 30 minutes each way. On the promenade there are “South Route” and “North Route” on both sides of the bridge. Outside the passage near the entrance of Odaiba side, you can not go to each route on the way.


The view from the North Route is in the direction of the center of Tokyo, you can see Shibaura wharf, Harumi wharf, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Sky Tree etc. If you go to Odaiba side, you can see the whole bridge that follows the big curved point even from the top of the bridge. At dusk, the collaboration between the sunset sky that dyed red and the light of the skyscrapers leading to the other side and the lighted-up bridge rising in front of it are very beautiful.


Another viewpoint is the scenery from just under the bridge seen from “Shibaura South Wharf Park” at the foot of Shibaura entrance. The vicinity of the doorway of “Shibaura Anchorage” which is the entrance of the Rainbow Bridge is a spectacle of power. It is recommended because you can see the huge bridge overhead and Odaiba on the opposite side.


“Odaiba Seaside Park” is the park on the bay that leads from the entrance of the Odaiba side of the Rainbow Bridge and is a typical place to see the whole view of the bridge. There are many commercial facilities and hotels on the coastline, and many tourists are visiting not only from Japan, but also from many countries around the world. When walking along the beach, you can see the bridge from almost all places.



Name:Rainbow Bridge
Address:Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0000 Japan
Access:Tokyo Rinkai Shinkotsu Rinkai-sen (Yurikamome-sen) Line “Daiba-eki Station” (2 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 3-5463-0224 (Tokyo port Management Office)
Official site:http://www.shutoko.jp/fun/lightup/rainbowbridge/

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