Risshaku-ji Temple, Yamagata

Hojusan Risshaku-ji Temple, which is built along the mountains of Yamagata City in Yamagata Prefecture. Today JR Senzan-sen Line is opened nearby, and there is convenience of transportation from Yamadera station within walking distance, so many visitors come. As is also the station name, Hojusan Risshaku-ji Temple is a so-called “Yamadera” (mountain temple), which may be more commonly recognized. The whole mountain looks like a temple, and the atmosphere such as “Yamadera” is wonderful.
Yamadera’s official name is Risshaku-ji Temple, a venerable temple that lasts more than a thousand years. This place has been collecting faith as a temple that separating bad relationships from long ago. Unique locations built to cling to the cliffs and their wonderful spectacular scenery are often taken up in magazines and television. Recently, its uniqueness became a topic, and it became widely known abroad also through SNS etc. It is now a popular spot for tourists from abroad.

Risshaku-ji temple, which became an official temple of Emperor Seiwa, was founded in AD 860 by Jikaku Daishi Ennin who completed the doctrine of Tendai Sect. It is also called “Yamadera” (mountain temple), and is the representative Holy Mountains of Tohoku district.



It is also known Basho Matsuo having written the following phrases here.
“Shizukasa ya, iwa ni shimiiru, semi no koe” (””How still it is here– Stinging into the stones, The locusts’ trill.”)



Here is blessed with a richness of nature, and you can enjoy the atmosphere of four seasons.



It is said that you can be purified greed and dirt by climbing every one step of stair of the mountain. When you arrive at the top of the mountain, you can feel a heart-touching moment which only the person who arrived at there can taste.



The round trip of the summit of the mountain from foot will take about 2 hours, if it is a slow pace. A fast person seems to go and come back in approximately one and a half hours.
It seems that the air which Basho felt is differed from very much since there are many tourists and they are not quiet, and the voice of locusts may not be heard, but a sacred atmosphere unique to an ancient temple can be experienced, and a brilliant view can also be enjoyed.


Name:Risshaku-ji (Risshaku Temple)
Adresse:Yamadera 4456-1 Yamagata-city, Yamagata 999-3301 Japan
Access:JR Senzan-sen line "Yamadera-eki Station” (7 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 23-695-2843
Price/Charge:Mountain climbing fee
300 yen (Adult)
200 yen (Junior High School Students)
100 yen (4 years old or Older)

Entrance fee to the Treasure Hall
200 yen (Adult : High School Students or Older)
100 yen (4 years old or Older)

Entrance fee to the Konpon-chudo Hall
200 yen

Please refer the official web page.
Official site:http://www.rissyakuji.jp/

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