Road to the Sky, Hokkaido

“Road to the Sky” is the straight road of about 18 kilometers that runs from Minehama to Taiei district of Sharicho town, located on the east side of Hokkaido. Since it seemed that the tip of the way was connected to “Heaven”, so this “Road to the Sky” was nicknamed.

As for the way to “Road to the Sky”, going from the central part of Sharicho town is intelligible, and it is recommended. First of all, aiming at the Shiretoko peninsula, you follow about 10 km of the national highway No. 334 to the east from the Sharicho town street. The national highway turns to the left there, but go straight ahead without bending here and let’s enter the local road South No. 3. As you climb up the slope of South No. 3 Road, you can see the observatory near the top of the hill.

As you climb up the observation deck, you can see the fields and windbreak forest on the right side, and the Sea of ​​Okhotsk in the distance. And on the left side there is a straight road far far away.

Due to the height difference, this scenery that seems to be ahead of the road towards the sky is unparalleled view that people made. Local people call this way “Road to the Sky.” It is a place where you can quietly monopolize the large panorama in a sheet of the field. This is a superb view road which is proud of highly popular among tourists traveling by motorcycle rider or bicycle.

From the end of September to the early October, you can see the sun setting just in the middle of the road. You can encounter a moving sight, as if the road stretches towards the sunset.
And at night, the lights along the road illuminate it fantastically. “Road to the Sky” will show various expressions in the seasons and time zones. It is an unparalleled view spot to visit at once.


Name:Road to the Sky
Address:Minehama Sharigun Sharicho, Hokkaido 099-4122 Japan
Access:JR Kushiro-honsen Line “Shiretoko-Shari-eki Station” (20 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81) 152-22-2125 (Shiretoko Sharicho Tourism Association)
Official site:

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