Rokugo no Takeuchi (Bamboo Fight Festival of Rokugo), Akita

Misato-cho Rokugo in Akita Prefecture. In this small town, February 11th to 15th every year, the event praying for good harvest and safety prosperity, “exorcize the devil”, and “Year of fortune telling” of that year are held. It is “Rokugo no Kamakura” which is designated as an important intangible folk cultural property of the country.

The festival begins with “Tenpitsu” which hangs children’s kakizome (New Year’s writing, resolution) to a green bamboo and decorate the eaves. And on the night of the final day, “Tenpitsu-Yaki” and “Takeuchi” will be held.

“Takeuchi” concludes a series of events.
The original purpose of the festival is a festival that started hoping for harvests and safety, but the important thing is not them. This festival is unique anyway. It is called “Takeuchi” (bamboo shot) because the townspeople strike each other with bamboo.
The town is divided into two of the south team and the north team, and the men swing down a bamboo about 5 meters long and fight. If the North team wins it is a good harvest, if the south team wins it is said that the value of rice will rise.

In Rokugo, it is called Tenpitsu what you wrote in strip-shaped green, yellow, red, white, blue Japanese calligraphy paper. In this area, there is a custom that binds them to the tip of a long bamboo and puts it in the open air. “Tenpitsu-Yaki” to be held on the 15 th night on the final day of the festival is an event to burn Tenpitsu with fire of Dondoyaki (New Year’s bonfire) which burns New Year decorations. It is said that a wish written in Tenpitsu will reach God.

The biggest attraction of “Tenpitsu-Yaki” is that the Tenpitsu thrown by the fire is blown up in the sky. The more it goes up highly, the more it is supposed that a wish is fulfilled. It is said that benefits like getting good at writing, improving school performance, not getting sick for a year by taking a spark of the fire will be obtained.


Name:Rokugo no Takeuchi (Bamboo Fight Festival of Rokugo)
Address:Rokugo Sembokugun Misatocho, Akita 019-1404 Japan
Access:JR Ouu-honsen Line “Iizume-eki Station” (10 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81) 187-84-4040 (Misato-cho Town Office)
Official site:

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