Row of Metasequoia Trees, Shiga

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A metasequoia is a needle-leaf tree of department metasequoia of a cupressaceae. The height of the tree extended straightly will be about 30-35 meters. It seems that it is “since the scene which appears in the drama of famous South Korea is resembled” that the way of the “Row of Metasequoia Trees” of Shiga became famous.
The road which continues from the Makino Pick Land to the Makino plateau is called “Row of Metasequoia Trees.” Approximately 500 of the metasequoia trees of about 35 meters in height are located in a line with both the sides of the road for 2 kilometers. These row of metasequoia trees are the unparalleled view which selected by “100 of new Japanese roadside tree view.”

This street lined with trees does not have what is interrupted around, and is a scene of the highlight.
A figure is changed by the four seasons or a time zone, and it is atmosphere just like the street lined with trees in Europe.

It is famous as a sightseeing spot of autumnal leaves, and when coloring in brown from an orange, many people visit.
Moreover, many scene can be enjoyed with the time of the morning haze, dusk in early morning, solar sunlight, and twilight.

Generally, a metasequoia begins to change color from end of October to the beginning of November, and peak in the middle of November. They are somewhat later autumnal leaves. If it will enter in December, the leaves will fall.

It is “Row of Metasequoia Trees” pleasing seasonal beautiful scenery, but above all, the time when winter snow is piled up is recommended. The street lined with trees wrapped in the whole place covered with snow is the highlight.
It is the best time to see of a snowy scene from the beginning of January to the middle of February. The most beautiful scene can be enjoyed, if it visits when snow piled up about 10 cm.


Name:Row of Metasequoia Trees
Address:Makinochosawa Takashima, Shiga 520-1821 Japan
Access:JR Kosei-sen Line “Makino-eki” station (6 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81)740-33-7101 (Biwako Takashima Tourism Association)
Official site:

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