Sakasa Fuji (Mt. Fuji as reflected in a lake)

Do you know an inverted image of Mt.Fuji to look at from the Fuji Goko (five lakes of Fuji)?
Five lakes of Fuji are the generic names of five lakes existing at the foot of Mt.Fuji, those are Lake Motosu, Lake Shoji, Lake Saiko, Lake Kawaguchi, Lake Yamanaka. The thing, which a magnificent figure of Mount Fuji appeared in on the surface of the water of these lakes, are called “Sakasa Fuji” (inverted image of Mt.Fuji) to see from five lakes of Fuji.

A famous photography spot exists along the lake shore, you can look at the beautiful inverted image of Mt.Fuji from there. It is known as a perfect spot where many people visit to take a photograph not only from inside of the prefecture but also from outside of it.

Lake Shoji is the smallest lake in Five Lakes of Fuji, but it is famous as the place where an inverted image of Mt.Fuji is seen clearly.

Lake Yamana is a perfect spot to photograph and to see an inverted image of Mt.Fuji, because it is a lake with a few waves. As for early-morning inverted image of Mt.Fuji, dusk of it, and red Fuji(*) of it, clear inverted images of Mt.Fuji may be seen almost as if it projected on the mirror.
* red Fuji; when Mt Fuji appears red because of the sun’s rays (esp. in the early morning from late summer to early autumn)

As the powerful figure which stands extreme cold, and the dignified appearances which is lit up the clear autumn sky, a magnificent and rich expression is attractive.


Name:Sakasa Fuji (Mt. Fuji as reflected in a lake)
Adresse:1910 Hirano, Yamanakako, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture 401-0502 Japan
Access:Fuji Kyuko-sen Line “Fujisan-eki Station” (35 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81)555-62-3100 (Yamanakako lake Tourist Association)
Official site:

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