Sapporo Maruyama Zoo, Hokkaido

Speaking of Hokkaido’s zoo, Asahiyama Zoo in Asahikawa City is very famous, but it may not be so well known that there are zoos in Sapporo as well. Sapporo Maruyama Zoo is one of the spots that are relatively easy to drop in among the many tourist attractions in Sapporo. Access from Clock Tower, TV Tower, Odori Park is easy in winter. It is a great attraction that you can quickly meet popular animals while in the city center.

The charm and characteristics of the zoo in Hokkaido are related to the climate of Japan. Most of the area in Japan has a temperate climate, Okinawa has a subtropical climate, and Hokkaido has a subarctic climate. In particular, it is often said that Hokkaido is close to the climate of Siberia. In other words, the zoo in Hokkaido is a spot where you can see the animals that live in cold places acting energetically.

Sapporo Maruyama Zoo

The Sapporo Maruyama Zoo opened in 1951 is the oldest zoo in Hokkaido. Renovation work is proceeding everywhere in the zoo, and the old-fashioned retro exhibition facilities and the latest exhibition facilities are standing out, creating a magical charm. Also, like Sapporo, which is known as the city of art, art-related events are often held, attracting not only parents and children but also people who stick to lifestyles.

Lesser panda is a energetic animal in winter. During the summer, it often sleep, but it will become active during the season when the snow falls. It is a pleasure that is unique to the zoo in Hokkaido that it is possible to see the lesser panda frolics in the snow. Also, polar bears are fine in the “World Bear Pavilion” in the back of the zoo. You can see the polar bear close at hand.

It is a point of caution when going to the Maruyama zoo in winter, but it is an area surrounded by mountains although it is the center of the city, so let’s take measures against cold as much as possible.


Name:Sapporo Maruyama Zoo
Address:Miyagaoka 3-1 Sapporo Chuo-ku, Hokkaido 064-0959 Japan
Access:Sapporo Municipal Subway Tozai-sen “Maruyamakoen-eki Station” (15 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 11-621-1426
Price/Charge:600 yen (Adult : High School Students or Older)
Free (Children : Junior High School Students or Under)
Please refer the official web page.
Official site:

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