Sawara no Machinami (the street of Sawara), Chiba

Sawara which was prosperous using water transport, so that it was called “Edo Masari” (Surpass Edo). People adopted the culture of Edo and also were sublimating it to original culture. Even now, the rows of houses which leave the image in those days remain in the Ono-gawa river coast or the Katori-kaido road. It was admitted that the people in this area tackle to left such a historic scenery well, and it was made with the town utilized it, so it was chosen for the first time in Kanto by “Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Historic Buildings” in 1996. Such a building in Sawara succeeds the business from old days, and there are many merchant’s families which are still continuing that business, and it is evaluated as “living cityscape of rows of old houses.”

Katori-shi, Chiba Sawara which is surrounded by beautiful nature and has historical rows of houses and a building. It is known for the land which prospered as a relay base of the Tonegawa water transport also as a town of a riverside area. Including cityscape of emotional Sawara, it is a recommended sightseeing spot taking a walk leisurely, such as former house of “Tadataka Ino” who related Sawara, or the Suigo Sawara Aquatic Botanical Garden.

Tadataka Ino who walked all over Japan to survey, and made actual survey map of Japan for the first time. It is “Tadataka Ino former house” that he spent more than 30 years from 17 years old to 50 years old. There is the memorial of Tadataka Ino on the opposite bank across Ono-gawa river, and this is recommended, too. It is a recommended tourist attraction of Katori-shi Sawara that you can observe relaxedly while learning the history.

It is the popular tourist attraction that can enjoy the atmospheric scenery which seemed to have a taste of slipping through time. Landmark architectures including the Sawara Mitsubishi building stand, and it is recommended to take a walk leisurely. The wooden building forming a line along the river is solid all, and there is an atmosphere.

“Small Edo of north” as cityscape of Sawara where the feature of the merchant town that was full of the prosperity so that it is sung in a song remains. It is near from Narita Airport and is a recommended spot.


Name:Sawara no Machinami (the street of Sawara)
Address:Sawarai 81-31 Katori, Chiba 287-0003 Japan
Access:JR Narita-sen Line “Sawara-eki” Station (12 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81)478-52-6675 (Sawara Tourism Association)
Official site:

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