SCMAGLEV and Railway Park, Aichi

The railroad which was an always familiar existence in people’s life. The institution which introduces progress of rapid transit railway technology through object exhibition of the newest railroad, up to a steam locomotive and an old line, superconductive linear, mainly the Tokaido Shinkansen (Bullet Train) running through Japan, is “SCMAGLEV and Railway Park”. From the nostalgic steam locomotive, no less than 39 vehicles, such as the commuter train, special express train, and the electric locomotive, are exhibited.

Moreover, railroad diorama is proud of the greatest scale in Japan. The scenery of the area along Tokaido Shinkansen is reproduced finely, you may be so in to it that you forget about time. Anyone from adults to a children can enjoy it.

Particularly, the superconductive linear which is the advanced technique that Central Japan Railway running this museum is proud of is a focus of public attention. Not only exhibit the vehicles which recorded the world fastest of the railroad, the mechanism is explained intelligibly. The exhibition which can experience the virtual traveling of the run by 500 km/h is very popular.

Some vehicles can be observed the inside not to mention what you can look at from the outside, too. It is the section using a simulator to be extreme popularity for children. It is also possible to taste a favorite train deeper, operating or becoming a conductor.

In addition, there is also a corner which can study progress of a railroad and the influence on society, such as yhe structure of a railroad, the birth unknown episode of the Shinkansen, etc. It will become a special memory to eat the lunch bought inside the hall within the vehicles of outdoor exhibition. There is also the kids space which can play preschool children and parents.


Name:SCMAGLEV and Railway Park
Address:Kinjofuto 3-2-2 Nagoya Minato-ku, Aichi 455-0848 Japan
Access:Nagoya Rinkai Kosokutetsudo-sen Line “Kinjofuto-eki Station” (2 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 52-389-6100
Price:1,000 yen (Adult)
630 yen (High School Students or under)
420 yen (Preschool children)
Official site:

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