Seihakusai Festival, Ishikawa

Seihakusai Festival is a large-scale spring festival held in Nanao-shi, Ishikawa.
It is the nation’s designated significant intangible folklore cultural assets. It is the dynamic event pulling about the huge float called “Dekayama” (literally, huge mountain).
This festival is the annual festival of Otokonushi-jinja Shrine, and there are many highlights as for powerful “Tsujimawashi” (turns of floats) and exciting “Seriage” (raise up), etc.
The highly elaborated Kabuki doll displayed on “hikiyama” (a float dragged by people) is unmissable.

It is said that the origin of the name of “Seihakusai Festival” is because Shinsen (offerings) offered in the leaf of the blue oak.
The “Dekayama” said to be the best scale in Japan is the highlight.
Dekayama, which are came out one by one from each three towns, is the main event of the festival.

The form is the fan-shaped model that the top spread through, and a scene of Kabuki is reproduced in the upper section. Although it is the float of simple structure, but is the huge one as 12 meters in height, 2 meters of diameter, 20000 kg of weight. “Deka” of “Dekayama” means “Gigantic.”

The menfolk who pull this dynamic Dekayama with the shout of “enya, enya.” The force of “tsujimawashi” turning huge Dekayama around is the best part. It is overwhelmed by the dynamism of “Seriage” pushing up Dekayama on the slope.

Nanao-shi is a wonderful sightseeing spot which also has a delicious meal and healing including Seihakusai Festival.
With Seihakusai Festival which is important formlessness folk cultural assets, please fully enjoy the hot springs of the sea and the marine products which Ishikawa Prefecture is proud of.


Name:Seihakusai Festival
Address:Sannomachi 1-13 Nanao, Ishikawa 926-0052 Japan
Access:JR Nanao-sen Line “Nanao-eki Station” (12 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 767-52-4214 (Otokonushi-jinja Shrine)
Official site:

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