Sekizenkan (Hot-Spring Hotel)

The Sekizenkan is the Japanese oldest existing wooden hot-spring ryokan (Hotel) in Gunma, Shima Onsen Town. It is sure that you are attracted by a view of the world as an atmosphere full of the emotion with a spectacle time-slipped to time in the Taisho era. It was built in 1691 and is the Japanese oldest hot-spring ryokan with the history of 320 years. Even today, more than 300 years from its opening, it continues healing the heart of people in all ages.

The Sekizenkan registered as a Cultural Properties Designated by Gunma Prefecture is the rare hot-spring hotel which remains an atmosphere at the time of its establishment. In the times when medicine and cure of illness have not been yet born, it is famous that many sick people went to visit to heal their body.

It is said that the spring quality here works for rheumatism, locomotorium trouble, a wound by taking a bath, and works for a digestive system disease, constipation, hives, obesity by drinking. This is “drinking of hot spring water” and geting an effect that is few in number even across the country.

An entrance of “Genroku no Yu” is the side of the entrances. The door of the entrance is western-style and it makes you feel Taisho-roman which thrived toward the end of the Taisho period. You open this door, there is the large spa right in front of you, and the dressing room and a bathhouse is in the same space.

The one-day bathing service is available, too, you can enter other hot springs as well as the “Genroku no Yu” and a mixed bathing hot springs called the “Iwaburo” (bathtub surrounded by rocks).


Name:Sekizenkan (Hot-Spring Hotel)
Adresse:Shima 42376 Agatsumagun Nakanojomachi, Gunma 377-0601 Japan
Access:JR Agatsuma-sen Line “Nakanojo-eki Station” (40 minutes by bus)
Price:Please check the official site.
Official site:

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