Sendai Tanabata Matsuri (The Star Festival), Miyagi

Do you know the event of Tanabata?
It is based on the old story of China.
When Hiko-hoshi(Altair) met Orihime-hoshi(Vega), they were attracted each other, then they have fallen love. After that they didn’t work and a disease has spread over the cow. The Lord of Heaven got angry with them, and separated them by the Milky Way. However, the Lord of Heaven felt pity for them. And he allowed them to meet only on the night of July 7th.


On the day of Tanabata Festival, Japanese people display bamboo grass with a strip of paper and ornaments to celebrate their reunion. When we write a wish to this paper and display it on banboo, it is said that a wish comes true.


Sendai Tanabata Matsuri is one of “the Tohoku three great festival” and as to be said it is the best Star Festival in Japan. It is held from August 6 to 8 every year. The central site for the Sendai Star Festival is an arcade town around JR Sendai Station. The large-scale decoration is done in the arcade street called Ichibancho and Chuo-dori.


In addition, approximately 3,000 Star Festival decorations are attached to the various places throughout the city, and downtown becomes all in the Star Festival.

And approximately 16,000 fireworks will light up the summer night sky near Sendai west park. You can spend a romantic day on the grand Sendai Tanabata Matsuri.



Name:Sendai Tanabata Matsuri (Star Festival)
Adresse:Chuo 1-7-2, Aobaku Sendai-city, Miyagi 980-0021 Japan
Access:JR Tohoku Shinkansen line "Sendai-eki Station” (2 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81)22-265-8185 (Sendai Tanabata Festival Support Association)
Official site:

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