Sengokuhara Hot Spring Resort, Kanagawa

Sengokuhara spreading north of the Lake Ashi is a relatively new hot spring sightseeing spot opened in Hakone.
Developed as “Sengokuhara Hot Springs” by doing large-scale hot water from Ubako and Owakudani, it is now known as a high-class resort area. Due to such circumstances, the Sengokuhara neighborhood is home to several museums with a fashionable atmosphere, making it one of the best art appreciation areas in Hakone.

Sengokuhara surrounded by mountains is said to have been the lake bottom of the Lake Ashi about 20,000 years ago. About 3 thousand years ago, Mt. Kamiyama of the central crater triggered a massive water vapor explosion. It is the Sengokuhara Plateau that has been wetland that the large amount of rocks flowed into the caldera floor of Sengokuhara and the river was dammed.

Hakone is said to be “the hot spring town closest to the city center.” Among them, Sengokuhara is a highland resort featuring nature such as Susuki steppe (Japanese pampas grasssilver), Mt. Kintoki, Hakone wetland garden. Popular sacred spots, cultural assets with plenty of history and plentiful art galleries are gathering, and it is an area where you can spend your heart warmly.

The place name of Sengokuhara is said to have named the farmer settled at the beginning of the Edo era, with the meaning of “a broad grassland where Sengoku rice (amount of yield from a rice crop) can be taken if it is cultivated”. In the Edo period, the Sengokuhara Barrier was established as the other barrier of the Hakone Barrier, which was the important point for traffic.

“Sengokuhara moor plant community” is also designated as a national natural treasure, and in Japan the only wet-flower garden can appreciate about 200 types of mooring plants. In autumn, the Susuki plateau spreading on the slopes of the valley mountain is also famous. Let’s head for high quality hot springs after enjoying nature to your heart’s content.


Name:Sengokuhara Hot Spring Resort
Address:Sengokuhara Ashigarashimogun Hakonemachi, Kanagawa 250-0631 Japan
Access:Hakone Tozan Railway Line “Gora-eki Station” (13 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81) 460-84-9615 (Sengokuhara Hot Springs Hotel Union Information Center)
Price/Charge:There are many day visit hot springs. The price is from 500 yen.
Please refer the official web page.
Official site:

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