Shibu Onsen Kanaguya (Hot Spring), Nagano

In the work of “Studio Ghibli” with unique atmosphere, “Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi” (“Spirited Away”) which was released in 2001 is an extreme popularity work marked a record high of more than 23 million audiences. It is said that the Kanaguya is the model of “Spirited Away”.


The Shibu Onsen Kanaguya is one of many hotels in Shibu Onsen town, Nagano.
It seems to be the hotel which is the most famous in this area with the history more than 200 years.


There are four buildings in the Kanaguya. It is said that a wooden 4-story building called “Saigetsurou” is a model of “Spirited Away” in that. This “Saigetsurou” was designated as Tangible Cultural Properties in 2003 .


The name to be called “Kanaguya” (metal goods shop) seems to be the trace that was a blacksmith’s in the past.




Name:Shibu Onsen Kanaguya (Hot Spring Hotel)
Adresse:Hirao 2202 Shimotakaigun Yamanouchimachi, Nagano 381-0401 Japan
Access:Nagano Dentetsu Nagano-sen line “Yudanaka-eki Station” (10 minutes by bus)
(Courtesy bus service is available.)
Price:Prices start at 20,520yen/per person/ per night (includes a full Japanese breakfast and dinner)
Official site:

日本, 〒381-0401長野県下高井郡山ノ内町平穏2202

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