Shikaribetsuko Kotan

Lake Shikaribetsu that altitude is the highest in Hokkaido is the only natural lake in Daisetsuzan National Park.
“Shikaribetsuko Kotan”, which is an event to represent winter of Hokkaido, is held on the lake which continues freezing for the longest time in Japan until from the end of January to the end of March. It is an entertainment to make a village with snow and ice on the ice of the Lake Shikaribetsu that froze,


During a period ice pub and outdoor bath on the ice, the ice lodges which can enjoy a staying experience, various igloos (ice house) stand.


“Kotan” is the word of the Ainu race and is the meaning of “a village, the community”.
People made a building “igloo” made with snow and ice to enjoy in the deep of winters of Hokkaido to their heart’s content. This was the start of the Shikaribetsuko Kotan.


During the period of this event, an outdoor bath on the ice which can experience only at this time comes up. It is the natural hot spring in a high quality, and the changing rooms are made with the snow and the ice. Because the entrance fee for the hot spring is free and it opens from 6:30 until 22:00, you can enjoy an open atmosphere only in Hokkaido of the cold winter.


In “the ice pub” which can drink delicious liquor with a glass made of ice, not to mention hot drink warming a cool body, the original cocktail is prepared. You can enjoy cocktail, a soft drink for one cup of 500 yen.



Name:Shikaribetsuko Kotan
Adresse:Kitaurimaku Katogun Shikaoicho, Hokkaido 081-0344 Japan
Access:JR Nemuro-honsen Line “Shintoku-eki Station” (1 hour by car)
Tel:(+81)156-69-8181 (Shikaribetsuko Kotan Executive Committee)
Price:Ice Lodge : 11,000 yen / person
Official site:

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