Shikotsuko Hyoto Matsuri (Lake Shikotsu Ice Pillar Festival), Hokkaido

It is a good lake of water quality, so that Lake Shikotsu becomes No.1 of Japan for eight consecutive years in spite of the city suburbs type lake of about 1 hour from Sapporo and Shin-Chitose Airport.
The event which exhibits “pale blue ice” which froze the water of this highly transparent Lake Shikotsu is “Lake Shikotsu Ice Pillar Festival.”

The “Pillar Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival” which is held during about half a month from the end of January every year, is the event which represents winter in Hokkaido as well as “Sounkyo Hyobaku Matsuri Festival” of Kamikawa-cho town and “Sapporo Snow Festival” of Sapporo-shi city. It is a historied festival which will continue for about 40 years, and 200,000 people visit every year.

The feature of this festival is in beauty of the ice which pumped up the water of highly transparent Lake Shikotsu and froze it. The Lake Shikotsu has little muddiness since it is “oligotrophic lake”, which generate few plankton, and there is also no inflow of drainage from the household. There is even the record of 30.7 meters of transparency. In order to freeze this highly transparent water taking many time, the completed ice has few impurities and tends to let a blue light pass.
The ice shining blue without dyeing.
It’s the characteristic that the art object of ice of light natural blue can be enjoyed.

The “Cave of Moss”, famous also as the sightseeing spot of Lake Shikotsu is reproduced in the icy cave. About 30 kinds of moss grow thick in originator’s the “Cave of Moss. However, in the icy cave, it is reproducing by a needle-leaf tree spreading around the wall or the ceiling.

The fireworks are launched from time at 18:30 on Saturday and Sunday during the period, and the festival site at fantastic night is colored more showily. The event which heaps up the festival such as the live music of the dynamic Japanese drum, the game convention and the present planning etc. are jam-packed.


Name:Shikotsuko Hyoto Matsuri (Lake Shikotsu Ice Pillar Festival)
Address:Shikotsukonsen Chitose, Hokkaido 066-0281 Japan
Access:Approximately 60 minutes from Shin-Chitose Airport by bus
Tel:(+81) 123-23-8288 (Lake Shikotsu Ice Pillar Festival Executive Committee)
Official site:

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