Shirahige-Jinja (The Shirahige Shrine), Shiga

The Shirahige-Jinja (the Shirahige Shinto shrine) is located in Takashima-city, Shiga between the “Biwako” (Lake Biwa) and the Hira mountains. It is the head shrine of all Shirahige-jinja shrines existing more than 150 in Japan.


Speaking of “Shirahige-Jinja” (The gray mustache shrine), the shrine in Mukoujima of Tokyo is famous, but In the first place this is the head of it.
It is believed that Shirahige-Jinja in Tokyo was separated and transferred from the Shrine of here.
It is said that the foundation of this shrine was in the B.C. fourth century, when Yamato-Hime-no-Mikoto(Princess of Japan) came to this place.
It is said to be oldest Shinto shrine in Oomi (around Shiga prefecture in old times), too.


The building of the current precincts was built in Momoyama era by Hideyori Toyotomi, and it is designated as an important cultural property.
Sarutahiko-no-mikoto is worshiped in this place. It is God of “Michi hiraki” (the guidance and the opening a way) which is in the description of Tensonkorin (the sun goddess’s grandson’s descent to earth) of the Kojiki (Records of Ancient Matters).


When Ninigi-no-Mikoto, grandchild of Amaterasu-Omikami of Ise Grand Shrine, descended from Takamagahara where Amatsu-kami (god of heaven) lives in, it is Sarutahiko-no-mikoto to have volunteered for guidance.
So, he is called God of “Michi hiraki” (the opening a way), but “a way” have various meanings like “road safety”, “a voyage is safe,” and the meaning that he stand before myself and lead me to good direction.



Name:Shirahige-Jinja (The Shirahige Shrine)
Adresse:Ukawa 215 Takashima, Shiga 520-1122 Japan
Access:JR Kosei-sen Line “Omitakashima-eki Station” (5 minutes by car)
Official site:

日本, 〒520-1122 滋賀県高島市鵜川215

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