Shiraito no Taki (Waterfall-Shiraito)

The Shiraito no Taki (Waterfall-Siraito) is one of the popular sightseeing spots in a famous place of summer resort Karuizawa that a beautiful forest surrounds. It is the beautiful place that is fully felt the clear air, which is chillier than its surroundings. The height is approximately 3m, but width is about 70m, the groundwater which runs down many places of the wall create the beautiful scenery such as the curtain of the white silk thread.


Because the water supply source of this waterfall is subsoil water of Mount Asama, so there is not the river on the waterfall, and if you look intently at it, you notice that the water begins to spring out from surface of black rock.
The comparison with the grove covering the surrounds is beautiful, and it attract people with seasonal beauty like the early summer as for the fresh green, the colored leaves dazzling in autumn, and the winter snow scene.

The source of the general waterfall is not always seen with beautiful figures when it rains, water is muddy and rise temporarily. On that point, Shiraito no Taki without being affected by the rain, it always keeps high transparency.


It was named “Shiraito no Taki” because it looks like small white thread when water runs to the basin of a waterfall. It harmonizes with its surrounding forests, you’d never believe it is artificial


It becomes popular as a spot to improve the body’s natural healing powers, so it is a place full of many tourists day after day. It is said that it was made for sightseeing mainly, but, it became the popular place now for a picturesque scenery spot in Karuizawa.



Name:Shiraito no Taki (Waterfall-Siraito)
Adresse:Nagakura Kitasakugun Karuizawamachi, Nagano 389-0111 Japan
Access:JR Hokuriku-shinkansen Line “Karuizawa-eki Station” (25 minutes by bus)
Tel:(+81)267-45-8579 (Karuizawa-cho Tourism Office)
Official site:

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