Shirakawa-Go, Gifu

The “Shirakawa-Go” village is the name of the area of Shogawa River basin in Gifu. This beautiful scenery in mountains of Gifu reminds us a Japanese former living. The Ogicho district of the Shirakawa-Go is known at a village of the Gassho-zukuri (a Japanese architectural style with a distinct steep roof). The group of buildings in the villages of Shirakawa-Go and Gokayama are especially well known and are registered as a World Heritage site (Cultural Heritage) by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).


The Shirakawa-Go is in the northernmost steep mountains of Gifu. This place surrounded by mountains is the special snowy area in Japan, much snow is piled up in winter. Due to this geographical factor and the climate, it was the place of inaccessible unexplored region until recently. The culture and customs from old days, including the Gassho-zukuri of thatched house, did not go out of vogue, and was handed down to posterity.

Most villages of the Shirakawa-Go are made to crowd in the small built‐up area. The Ogi-cho of the Gassho village registered with a world heritage is such a village. Ogi-cho is lined with more than 100 architecture of the Gassho-zukuri, the beautiful farm village scenery of quiet rural views spread around there.


The Gassho-zukuri of “triplets” standing still in a quiet rural scenery. The rice field of this side is affectionate very much like rice growing thick, and snow is piled up by season. Especially, “Sakasa Gassho” (reverse Gassho) appearing in the surface of the water of the rice field before the rice-transplanting season is something worth seeing.


The Shirakawa-Go is dotted with private house, guest house of Gassho-zukuri including the restaurant opening to the public. Let’s taste a relaxed time while walking the village inheriting original scenery of Japan in now.



Adresse:Ogimachi 2495-3 Onogun Shirakawamura, Gifu 501-5627 Japan
Access:JR Takayama-honsen Line “Takayama-eki Station” (50 minutes by Expressway shuttle bus)
Tel:(+81)5769-6-1311 (Shirakawa village office)
Official site:

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