Shirogane Aoiike (the blue pond of Shirogane), Hokkaido

There is a signboard along the road called Shirogane-kaido toward Shirogane Onsen spring of Biei-cho town, Hokkaido, and you can come across this mysterious spot when you go through there.


By the waterfall of the Shirohige-no-taki in the upper reaches and Biei River containing aluminum are mixed, then the particle called “a colloid” is generated, and light from the sun hits it, the surface of the water seems to be seen blue. The appearance of surface of this pond changes in various ways as deep blue, transparent like a mirror, milky, various figures including the fantastic atmosphere covered with snow by a season and a timing. Basically it’s blue, but its color changes into by a season and the trick of the light.


Even Apple Computer adopted this pond’s photo in one of the wall paper of Mac, and it gets public attention.


The blue pond which the power of nature produced, its appearance is greatly changes by a season, the degree of light and wind. It is said that it is difficult to see the charm you visit here only once, there is a person who can’t meet the clear cobalt blue even if he keeps going here for 20 years. One thing I can say is that you can experience the mystery that makes you feel yourself being sucked when you stand in the place.


There is some collapse by a typhoon and is closed down temporarily now (September 2016).



Name:Shirogane Aoiike
Adresse:Shirogane, Biei-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido 071-0235
Access:JR Furano-sen line "Biei-eki Station” (17km from the station)
Official site:

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