Shirotori Teien Garden, Aichi

Shirotori Teien Garden is the largest Japanese garden in Chuubu District.
The artificial hill is used to resemble Mt. Ontake, the water stream from there as the Kiso river, the water flow down into the pond as Isewan, the geographical feature of Chubu District is expressed and it is chisen-kaiyushiki garden (a type of Japanese garden with a pond in the centre) of the theme of “a story of the water”.
You can enjoy seasonal scenery like flowers and colored leaves, branch-supporting snow-ropes while feeling an atmosphere of deep mountains and dark valleys through a year.

The maintenance of the Shirotori Teien was begun in 1983 as part of “making planning for a cultural city” in the Shirotori timber yard ruins of the Owari Tokugawas. In 1992, it was opened at the place, which maintained the site of “the world design exhibition” held in commemoration of Nagoya municipal organization 100 years, as the Japanese garden which is proud of plottage 3.7ha and the greatest scale in the city of Nagoya.

The tea-ceremony room “Seiu-tei” which is almost located in the center of the garden is full-scale “Sukiyazukuri” (an architectural style based on the style of a Japanese tea ceremony building) which inherited the tradition in Japanese ancient times. The figure from which a swan flies down is imagined and appearance shows beautiful harmony of construction as the garden. In this Seiu-tei, the event is widely held not only as the tea party but also traditional culture, such as flower arrangement, a haiku gathering, a poem competition, and Japanese music, entertainments, etc.

The “Shioiri no Niwa” which directs scenery of the water which changes every moment by the tide and the “Suikinkutsu” playing three tones are established, and exquisite sound scenery is delighted with the sound of the wind which crosses a garden, and the sound of the flowing water.

Many flowers bloom through a year and an atmosphere of every season can be felt. The maple trees are stained with crimson and bring on a fantastic atmosphere particularly in autumn with a waterfall and a mountain stream. Moreover, visionary lighting is also unmissable.


Name:Shirotori Garden
Address:Atsutanishimachi 2-5 Nagoya Atsuta-ku, Aichi 456-0036 Japan
Access:Nagoya Municipal Subway Meijo-sen Line “Jingu-nishi-eki” station (10 minutes walk)
Price:300 yen (Adult)
Free (Children under 14 free of charge)
Official site:

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