Shogawa Kanko-sai (Shogawa Festival), Toyama

Shogawa-machi, Tonami-shi, Toyama, it is a small town, but it is a place with very delicious river fish, which is caught in the Shogawa river which the clear water flows, and the special product called “Yuzu” (a small citrus fruit). You can seek comfort from this place on a holiday.


However, the town is filled with excitement when it is the time of this spring festival. A night lamp festival being prosperous in Southwest Toyama is held in this town.


In the festival, “Awase,” in which the festival cars belonging to different groups are smashed into each other, has become quite a sight. When a hot battle between the towns occured at night, the side that has seen also excite it.


The Shogawa Kanko-sai “Yotaka Matsuri” (Yotaka Festival) is performed in Shogawa-machi on first Saturday and Sunday of June every year..


There is a lot of highlight every year, so many people in and around the city have come to see this festival. There are full of various events like a heroic “Yotaka Andon” (Yotaka lamp), fireworks flying in the night sky, grabbing the rainbow trout and Yosakoi dance. It is happy two days that you can taste many festivals at a time!



Name:Shogawa Kanko-sai (Shogawa Festival)
Adresse:Shogawa Tonami-city, Toyama 932-0314 Japan
Access:JR Johana-sen line "Tonami-eki Station” (15 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81)763-33-1111 (Shogawa Festival Execution Committee)
Official site:

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