Shoro Nagashi Festival (Spirit Boat Procession), Nagasaki

It is said that the soul of the late person comes back to the descendant at the Bon Festival in Japan, there are manners and customs to worship the ancestral spirit of a dead person.
It seems to be the nationally customs of Bon Festival that on the August 13th, small fires called mukaebi (literally welcoming fire), are lit outside houses to welcome the spirits of the deceased into the home, and on the August 16th, fires called okuribi (literally sending off fire) are lit outside homes to see the spirits off on their journey back to the afterlife, but the way varies by a district.
It is famous for the customs which are not considered in other areas occurring in Nagasaki.

Speaking of the summer feature of Nagasaki is Shoro Nagashi performed on August 15 every year. Shoro Nagashi of Nagasaki is the event which is like the very noisy festival not a silent solemn.
It produces “Shoro Sen” (Ship) every each family or town and parades around the city for several hours and drains it into the sea.

The features of Shoro Nagashi of Nagasaki, The best thing of all fireworks are amazing. In particular, the consumption of the firecracker is tremendous, and an explosion resounds in the city from the evening. Therefore, all the coming and going people cannot be without an earplug near there. The consumption of fireworks is large quantity, too. It is the day which probably firecracker are most consumed in Japan.

The size of “Shoro Sen” (Ship) varies, but the big thing is around 10 meters among that. When the amount is large, the firecrackers of 1 million yen or more quantity are did during a trip until it pours a ship to the sea.

Shoro Nagashi is one of “the farewelling spirits bonfire”. Okuri-bi is a fire lit to send the ancestor’s spirit back to their grave. And originally these are not a “festival” but “events.” It is a Buddhism event in which a memorial service is held for the deceased.


Name:Shoro Nagashi Festival (Spirit Boat Procession)
Address:Tsukimachi Nagasaki, Nagasaki 850-0877 Japan
Access:Nagasakidentetsu Line “Nishihamacho-eki” station (1 minute walk)
Tel:(+81)95-825-5175 (Nagasaki City Call Center : English / Chinese / Korean)
Official site:

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