Snow Hut of Yokote

A kamakura is a shelter made from snow, similar to an igloo of an Eskimo hut. However, it is said that local Yokote tradition, kamakura aren’t only just shelters for people, but also they are where their local spirits, kami, and dwell.
How well do you know about this local tradition in Yokote?
First of all, Yokote-shi is located in Akita prefecture, which is way up north in Tohoku region of Japan. Yokote is a place where traditional cultures have thrived along with the snowy winter conditions of this “heavy snow country” since long ago.

Here in Yokote, the Kamakura festival is held every year on February 15th and 16th. This event is a folk tradition that has been carried out for 450 years! This event gives spectators a true sense of what life is like in “heavy snow country” of Japan

A small shrine for God is set-up in each of the snow huts (kamakura) in honor of the “Shinto Water Deity”. Then, local children sit inside the kamakura with their friends and drink Amazake (sweet alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice), eat Mochi (a rice cake), and play. Yokote is the only place in Japan with a folk tradition such as this!

If you have the opportunity to visit Japan during winter, how about checking out this event in Yokote, Akita!

If you’re coming to see the kamakura of Yokote, they are on display from the end of January until February 16th, every year. During this time, the kamakura are built and you can experience relaxing atmosphere inside them for yourself!


Name:Snow Hut of Yokote
Address:Chuomachi 8-12 Yokote, Akita 013-0023 Japan
Access:JR Ohu-honsen Line “Yokote-eki Station” (10 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81)182-33-7111 (Yokote-shi Tourism Association)
Official site:

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