Submarine Mailbox?, Wakayama

There is the submarine mailbox under bottom of the sea, where approximately 100 meters from the shore of Susami town, Wakayama, at the depth of 10 meters below the surface of the sea. It was certified as “the mailbox in the world’s lowest place” in 2002 by Guinness Book of World Records.


You can confirm it on a map of the lower part of this page, and it is surely underwater.
The submarine mailbox was put into this place by a suggestion of the director at local post office as part of the event in 1999. After the event was over, it is used in the same way as a common mailbox.


A letter, which the diver who visit this place posts in “the underwater mailbox”, is collected and sent from the Susami post office to the world, (You can use air mail.)


The posts are changed once a year. It seems that they use two posts one after the other every year.
In 2015, it appears in a TV commercial of the car.



Name:Submarine Post
Adresse:Susami 4857-74 Nishimurogun Susamicho, Wakayama 649-2621 Japan
Access:JR Kisei-honsen Line “Susami-eki Station” (23 minutes walk)
Courtesy bus service is available for the guest of club-noah, reservation required.
Price:200 yen (The price of postcard for “Submarine Post” only)
Official site:

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