Submerged stalactite cave of Inazumi, Oita

“Submerged stalactite cave of Inazumi” is the largest underwater cave in Japan, next to the Hakusan River campground in Bungoono Oita prefecture. The limestone cave is divided into two from the entrance part and it is possible to explore the inside of a cave of about 350 meters. Because the temperature inside the cave is 16 degrees and is cool throughout the year, there are times when you need a coat in the summer. The gushing clear stream is clear and beautiful in blue and emerald colors. In addition to the limestone cave in the facility, there is the largest Guanyin statue in Oita and the Cave Archives Center. Also, here is a famous spot for seeing fireflies, and the firefly festival is held near the end of May.
The Submerged stalactite of Inazumi is the Japan’s biggest water stalactite cave that located upstream of the Hakusan river which is selected 100 national famous clear stream.
There is innumerable stalactite, and an abyss more than 40 meters of depth exists. A clear stream springs out of the depths of such a cave. It is warm in winter coolly in the summer because it is kept constant temperature through the year.


This is quite unique in the world that stalactite is seen in underwater. It is more than 200 million years old, and it was submerged by the violent explosion of Mt.Aso 83 thousand years ago.


You think whether it is a place to sink in water when you hear only the name, but you can look around on foot without sinking. This place is a globally rare. Once you step into here, you feel very fantastic, and there seems to have come to another world.


As the name suggests, “Niji no Taki” (the waterfall of the rainbow) near the entrance of the submerged stalactite cave is the waterfall which a rainbow appears. Because a beautiful rainbow appears until the early afternoon on a fine day, if you have a chance, you can see it.


The scenic of the spring seeing from the gap of the stalactite, has the color of the dark green as the jewel and attracts people to see. You will not get that beautiful sight out of your mind. It’s as if you were in another world.



Name:Submerged stalactite cave of Inazumi
Adresse:Miemachinakazuru 300 Bungoono, Oita 879-7263 Japan
Access:JR Houhi-honsen Line “Miemachi-eki Station” (20 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81) 974-26-2468
Price/Charge:1,200 yen (Adult)
1,000 yen (College Student)
800 yen (High School Student or Under)
600 yen (Elementary School Children or Under)
Free (3 years old or Under)
Please refer the official web page.
Official site:

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