Takaragawa Onsen Hot Spring, Gunma

In Gumma, the hot-spring village called “the Gumma 4 major hot springs” is located. This Takaragawa Onsen hot spring, which is in the one Minakami hot-spring village surrounded by rich nature, is an only one hotel on the mountain. As the name suggests, it originates in Takaragawa river which flows through the inside of the site.
Although there is no historical fact which clarified, there is the legend that YAMATO Takeru no Mikoto (a hero in ancient Japan) cured the illness in this ground in his journey of conquest of the eastern country.


The pride of the Takaragawa Onsen hot spring is a large open-air bath of the riverbank which was united with rich nature. There are three hot springs of the mixed bathing, and one women-only hot spring on both sides across Takaragawa river. Such a large open-air bath cannot be made without abundant quantity of hot water. There is the four fountainhead of the Takaragawa Onsen hot spring. It is said that 1,800 liters per minute (4 drums) of hot water gush out from underground.


The foundation of the “Takaragawa Onsen Osenkaku” which is the one-house inn of the hot-spring village of Takaragawa river is Taisho in 1923. This surrounding area is crowded with the workers related with dam construction etc. in 1950, the local person was a main user of the hot spring those days. It has been overtaken by magazines, and it was the late 1960s that many people came from the outside area.


The reason why a lot of foreign tourists come here is the charm that the large open-air bath which spreads in along a mountain stream. The reason that was chosen as the first place of “the Japan’s top 10 hot springs” by the world’s largest tourist guidebook “Lonely Planet” is the charm which the hot spring has open space united with nature, and the generous charm of mixed bathing. In recent years, it was chosen as the “ten major hot springs in the world” by the foreign journalist of Reuters. The popularity just increases.


It is thought that it is not only soaked in a hot spring, but there is an effect in a hot-spring cure further by drinking hot spring water. As for drinking hot spring water directly taken into the inside of the body, since the stimulation is strong, about one cup of glass is a standard. Please taste a fresh hot spring.



Name:Takaragawa Onsen Osenkaku Hot Spring
Address:Fujiwara 1899 Tonegun Minakamimachi, Gunma 379-1721 Japan
Access:JR Joetsu-sen Line “Minakami-eki Station” (25 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81) 278-75-2611
Price:Day trip hot spring
1,500 yen (Adult)
1,000 yen (Elementary School Students)
Free (Preschool Children)

Stay plan
Please refer to official site.
Official site:http://www.takaragawa.com/

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