Takayama inari shrine, Aomori

Takayama Inari-jinja Shrine is located in Tsugaru-shi, Aomori. The tunnel of the very fantastic red torii (gate) is totally like the scenery in the dream. If you pass through this tunnel, you might arrive at the place not to know where it is.
It is said that this shrine is the best sacred place of Aomori Prefecture. And it is a shrine for whom want to feel a strange power.



The reason why here is said to be a power spot is that there are the Senbon Torii (a thousand torii) in the same way as Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine. Have a look at this close‐set bright red Torii surrounded by greenery! It is mysterious and very beautifully isn’t it?.



After going up the long stairs, you arrive at the Haiden(Worship Hall) of the Takayama Inari Jinja being regarded as having divine favor in Gokokuhojo (bumper crop), Marine security, and talisman for good business.
Over there, the red torii stand in a line as if they weren’t already enough. The Japanese garden in itself is splendid, too, but you may be dumbfounded by the file of this bright red torii.


Name:Takayama inari shrine
Adresse:038-3305 青森県つがる市牛潟町鷲野沢147−2
Official site:http://www.aptinet.jp

日本, 〒038-3305 青森県つがる市牛潟町鷲野沢147−2

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